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Companies are largely dependent on their suppliers for their value creation. External added value of between 70 and 100 percent is not uncommon. This makes it all the more important to monitor the entire supplier base preventively. The tsm supply bridge offers you a solution for this. With us as your partner, you can rethink your supplier management in a new and cross-functional way.

The tsm enterprise solution is based on 20 years of experience in supplier management from industry, consulting and science.

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Three building blocks for a more efficient supply chain management

The complexity of today’s supply chains requires a high level of transparency about suppliers and possible risks. With tsm, the necessary knowledge is generated through precise performance and cost data. In this way, you always have an overview of your entire supplier base.

A smooth flow in the supply chains is crucial for the success of a company. This makes it all the more important to identify potential incidents at an early stage and to initiate suitable measures. tsm helps to predict failures and problems by means of trends and forecasts. In this way, you retain full decision-making and action capability and thus secure long-term supplier performance.

All departments in your company benefit from tsm. Our solution offers a platform in which cross-functional collaboration is possible and necessary. Through close networking, weak points can be identified and eliminated even faster. This makes efficient supplier management possible.

Rethinking supply chain management

Companies often monitor their supply chain using methods that are no longer up to date. As a result, companies have no choice but to regularly monitor only the top 50 suppliers. The remaining suppliers are under the radar.

tsm changes that for you. Our long experience in supply chain management leads to the tsm enterprise solution. We provide you and your company the tools to make your supply chain management success-oriented and efficient. No more analogous lists, but a system that automatically and intelligently processes the relevant information and parameters for you. This provides your company with reliable forecasts, risk assessments and performance data on every supplier in your supply chain. Empower your supplier management with the tsm enterprise solution.


Companies often have to struggle with internal communication and coordination weaknesses. This naturally also affects the cooperation with the suppliers. If not all departments are in the same boat and communicate with each other, obstacles can arise in the interface processes that will have a long-term impact on your supply chains. Especially for an efficient supplier management it is important to coordinate all departments at the interface to the supplier base. The tsm enterprise solution offers you a solution with which your company can work across departments. This cross-functionality leads to a rethink in supply chain management: from working against each other to working together. It is precisely this cultural change that can be the decisive factor for success. Optimize not only your supply chain, but also your internal structures and processes.


Disruptions or even failures in the supply chain can have many reasons. Poor resource planning by suppliers, bottlenecks in production or environmental influences. All these have a negative impact on the supply chains and usually lead to reactive and costly immediate measures. Many problems in the supply chain could be avoided by a preventive approach. The tsm enterprise solution enables you and your company to create meaningful forecasts for each supplier by evaluating always up-to-date performance data. Based on this, the tsm enterprise solution creates risk reports. With their help, you can counteract problems early on and thus ensure smooth processes.


In addition to a reliable technical solution, it is important for a successful optimization of supplier management to have a competent partner at your side. Thanks to our many years of know-how from practice, science and consulting, we know what is important. This is what makes the tsm enterprise solution so versatile. Through the adaptability to your internal processes, you receive with us the support to optimize your supplier management. With us, you always keep an eye on your supply chains.

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